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El Diviso Ombligon

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Unique coffee used in the 2023 World Barista Championship by Jack Simpson from Australia, who came third in the world. 
This is a truly unique coffee. It has very low acidity and enormous body, especially in the espresso. In the filter, this translates into many layers and great complexity, while retaining that red fruit profile - strawberry, raspberry, cherry.

It has a good dose of "process" flavor, which manifests itself in dark spices like vanilla, clove and cardamom. Finally, it hints at a few layers of something bright and floral, like lemon zest or lavender.

This coffee is a rare variety about which not much is actually known. It would appear to be related to the Ethiopian hereditary variety, but some think it's simply a colloquial local expression for pacamara. What is certain is that the name ombligon derives from the grain's elongated shape and a navel-shaped nodule at its base.


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Additional information

Origin: Colombia

Variety: Ombligon

Region : Huila

Altitude: 1750 m

Treatment: Natural thermal shock

Roasting: Light

Traceability: El Diviso, Nestor Lasso

Cupping Score : 87

Packaging: Out of respect for the environment, we have chosen compostable bags