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Infusion is one among many extraction methods. We then speak of brewing or slow coffee. Slow coffee allows for better sublimation of the intrinsic flavors of coffees.

Slow coffee is much more than a process.

It is a philosophy, a way of consuming, it is an art. The art of taking your time.


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Notes of honey, jasmine and grapefruit.

Elegant & Refined. 

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It is high time to act

The 2023 resolutions

Preserve the species

Project wild Jaguar

Jaguars are an important but threatened species in the ecosystem. It is an "umbrella" species, which means that its conservation ensures the protection of many other species. Without the jaguar, the entire balance of an ecosystem is in question. But that's not all, because it doesn't only impact the fauna but also the flora.

For every quintal of Project Wild Jaguar coffee sold, a dollar donation is made to Fundación Pro Zoológicos Fundazoo. Based in Costa Rica, Fundazoo is a non-profit conservation organization that protects and promotes local natural biodiversity.

By choosing Project Wild Jaguar coffee, you contribute directly to this cause.

Access to education

Project Jumay's Kids

Every coffee harvest brings challenges for growers and farm workers. Especially when the school vacations correspond with the harvest seasons. During this time, many parents working in coffee face a choice between generating income and caring for their children.

In many cases, this challenge is solved by taking the whole family to the farm. In order to offer a solution, our sister company (Peter Schoenfeld) and the non-profit organization Fun Cafe have started organizing Coffee Kids Camps.

 Coffee Kids camps will provide children with a hot meal and a safe space to learn, while their parents can work on the coffee farms. With the support of local teachers, educational needs are reinforced towards food nutrition, coffee-oriented content and sustainable farming practices.

By choosing Jumay's Kids coffee, you are contributing directly to this cause.

Orang Utan Project

An honorable project based in Indonesia to protect endangered orangutan species. And also to rehabilitate them in a wild forest living space. Restocking.

Project Wild Colibri

In Ecuador, a community is working locally to protect hummingbird habitats, restore pollinator plants and rehabilitate the degraded ecosystem.

Launch February 2023 - sold out

More projects to come

The road to a better world is long and we are happy to have you with us on this journey. Our quest to preserve and improve our beloved Planet Earth will not end here.

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